Why First Touch Games is not coming up with new features and gameplay? • Dream League Soccer 2020 Released Date • DLS 20 Release Date

First Touch games came up with Dream League Soccer Classic in 29th Nov 2013. The game occupied the hearts of the users as this was the most beautiful game around 2013-14.

On 25th Feb 2016, First Touch Games came up with newer version of the game as Dream League Soccer 2016. The game was a killer in the Soccer section of the Mobile Games. On 26 Feb 2017 FTG released a new version as Dream League Soccer 2017, The users were still very happy as the games added so many features in the 2017 update.

On 17th Nov 2017 got released Dream League Soccer 2018, the game came up with a lots of features although there was not much changes in gameplay and graphics. But the fans managed to keep there interest with the game.
Since the whole features remained same as DLS 16,the hackers also got enough time to crack the game and release mods, and hacked versions over internet. The cracked version got so common that FTG started loosing their Revenue.

As Revenue of FTG started decreasing they couldn't focus on DLS 2019 and they relased the DLS 19 version on 22 Nov 2018. The fans were not happy as they hardly made any changes to UI and just added few features.
The 😡 (angry) reactions in their Facebook post says it all.(As the fans were not satisfied)

The main reason for FTG not coming up with new features is "Fall in Revenue", As the hackers and modder released more cracked versions of the game the developers couldn't focus on developing more features. Nowaday the main revenue stream for the game is "Video Advertisements" shown in the game.

One more conclusion we can draw is First Touch games is a very small Company.

Hence it is not possible for them to come up with new development,AI and features everywhere. It is only worth 3M (decreased from 4.8M in 2017).
Recently FTG opened an vacancy for a job for Senior Artist. So it seems like Developers are really busy cooking up some good stuff for the android gamers.

Update: DLS 20 is finally OUT.
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